The School Of Tomorrow

Gaziantep, Turkey
General Square
--- sq. m.
Isover Multi Comfort House 2014
2014 (Competition)
Design Team
Burak İlhan
Kutay Biberoğlu
Cemile Cengiz
Educational Facility

The education system ın Turkey has undergone many serious changes lately. This instability of the system requires a more flexible and sustainable educational facility. With each change, children are forced to take their decisions about their future in younger ages. The education system, tests the students without considering their differences and punishes the unsuccessful ones by dragging them to areas that they are not qualified. But there is a desperate need ın qualified worforce in Turkey. Especially, gaziantep has to play its part to create a difference in the sector considering its large agricultural areas. This can be achıeved with education only.

Plan organisation is divided to 3 parts considering the daily usage hours and densities . In the morning, although all the spaces are available, the density is focused on the classes that are located on the east side. The modular class design is used to shut down the unused classes and save energy. In the afternoon students spend time in common spaces like learning street, library, green areas to explore their skills and interests until they return to their families. After the students are gone, the building continues its life by transforming the sports hall to a multipurpose hall and the cafe to a foyer and it collects the user density on west side. So the building remains alive 24/7 & 365 by changing the functions and densities of the spaces.

The learnıng street puts the flexible spaces that are created by the transformation of the main spine along its axis into service. The area that densifies mainly ın the afternoon, allows students to explore their skills in music, drama and sports as well as allows students to explore their skills by forming a direct connection with the workshops, laboratories, exhibitions and agricultural areas. The interaction wall that faces the learning street, accepts alterations on itself and allows spaces for functions such as meeting, exhibition, collaboration and performance.

In the table, the monthly energy production is shown. Accordingly, a system of 2,5 KWp DC is required. When the derate factor is calculated, a coefficient of 0,77 is obtained. In the classes, with 0,6 kw of LEDs, 0,4 kw of computers and 0,2 kw of other systems with an extra margin, 10 250 kw solstice PVs are required.

Certainteed solstice Pvs are placed with an angle of 18 degrees by using roof inclination. The warm exhaust air below the PVs are circulated in the classrooms both to warm the classes and to increase the efficiency of PVs. The system is fed with heat pumps when necessary.

Besides the strong thermal insulation properties; because of its acoustic insulation fire resistancy and moisture retention values, isover AB solidblack is used in the design. This product is more economic considering its inclusion of below level, thermal insulation and adhesive all together. Isover integra zkf-1-032 is used because it provides effective acoustic and thermal insulation wıth lower thickness.

The reason why isover acoustic ep1 product is used is its expanded low frequency insulation values. Futrthermore because of its low-flammable properties, its usage is important in such a project that “security” is written with capital letters.

Second hand fabrics are selected to be used to create acoustic comfort for the spacious multi purpose hall because gaziantep is one of the most important production and exportation centers in textile.