Wedding Hall

Erbil, Iraq
General Square
6.520 sq. m.
2016 (Concept Project)
Design Team
Burak Ilhan
Mirbek Bekboliev
Wedding Hall - Conferance Hall
Erbil Municipality

An estimated number of 10 billion is expected to be reached by the end of the 21st century. (graph) But the issue of overpopulation is only one side of the coin. No matter the rate at which our population grows, the fact is that the number of deceased people grows exponentially. Even today, the graveyards occupy large spaces that we cannot possibly have the luxury of spending in the future, when billions of new graves are needed. (graph) In a future where vertical growth is mandatory, the graveyards must be re-designed as 3-dimensional structures that are compatible with the evolving urban fabric. Every footprint of every graveyard in the world will be multiplied by thousands in 100 years' time. This future interpretation of graveyards will possibly introduce a new architectural typology and many new opportunities for humankind to abuse.