Izmir Selcuk
Community Center

Izmir, Turkey
General Square
6.000 sq. m.
2016 (Competition)
Design Team
Burak Ilhan
Süleyman Sümbüloglu
Community Center
Selcuk Municipality

The project is mainly shaped by architectural approach of the team, physical configuration on different levels, social and environmental sustainability decisions and contextural referances. The project aims to create an urban node that is specific to the site and reinterprate the activities like exhibition, production, learning and interaction from the perspective of the main users which is - in this case - young people. While taking referance from the surrounding urban pattern, the building also aims to stand out by defining its own identity.

The team started by designing the design process itself to be able to carry out multi-disciplinary work in harmony. Since the team is particularly conscious on sustainable usage of natural and cultural resources; solar, wind and daylighting simulations have shaped the design process since the beginning.

The building mass is created layer by layer on the project site. The performance center is subtracted from the largest mass that covers the entire construction site to obtain an L shaped extrusion. Resulting mass is fragmented with respect to contextual referances. On top of the first layer of the building which hosts cafeteria and workshop functions, a second layer that is composed of performance center and cinema is placed. The relations that those two masses form between themselves and the context, are the main features of the project that give its identity.