O2 House

General Square
43.5 sq. m.
Design Team
Mirbek Bekboliev
Burak İlhan
External walls U=0,138 W/m²K
Roof U=0,136 W/m²K
Ground floor U=0,133 W/m²K
Windows U=0,85 W/m²K

Pilgrim+ combines High-Performance and Prefab for Low-Cost Affordable Housing. When you combine Passivhaus with prefab you get one of the most energy efficient buildings possible. Pilgrim+ is a super-insulated prefab home that can be placed just about anywhere with minimum impact for the land. The plans come in several variations, ranging from a tiny 45m2 apartment to larger combined units for growing families.

Green Strategies:

Super-insulation, thermal bridge free, good airtight construction, efficient appliances, daylighting, natural ventilation/mechanical heat recovery ventilation, Solar heating system, on-site energy generation, sought orientation, eco and recyclable materials.

Basic information about the building:

  • -The overall floor area of the building (in m2): 43.55m2.
  • -The precise location of the building - rural, semi rural, semi urban, urban.
  • -The typology of the building and its current use: single family house.
  • -Number of occupants: 2.

The overall u-value of each main element (external walls, roof, ground floor):
  • -External walls U=0,138 W/m²K
  • -Roof U=0,136 W/m²K
  • -Ground floor U=0,133 W/m²K
  • -Windows U=0,85 W/m²K