Burak Ilhan

B.A. Architecture
M.Sc. Building Science (Architecture)

Burak Ilhan is graduated from Denizli Anatolian High School in 2008. The same year he started his architecture education in Middle East Technical University. He entered the architecture faculty with the highest ranking in Turkey that year. During his education, he tried to travel as much as he can. In 2009, he worked as a lifeguard in USA with WAT program, in 2012, stuided in Bologna University/Italy for one year and travelled most of the Europe, and in 2013, he visited China for Solar Decathlon competition. After his graduation with honor degree in 2014, he started his master's degree on "renewable energy in buildings".

During his master's degree, he is involved in various competitions and won different awards. His skills in BIM, 3D modeling and web design have got him involved in various jobs after graduation. He mainly worked in Reo-Tek after his graduation for two years in various museum/exhibition projects (ie. Antalya Expo 2016). Right now, he is working mainly on green building and smart building projects in IBBM. He is mostly specialized on sustainable and resilient buildings, design for manufacture - assembly and BIM.

Mirbek Bekboliev

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
M.Sc. Building Science (Architecture)

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in engineering from Kyrgy State Technical University (2009), Mirbek Bekboliev graduated with M.Sc. in Building Science at the Middle East Technical University with a special focus on Building Performance. Mirbek’s professional and academic work includes publications, conference presentations and projects on various green buildings, LEED certification, Renewable Energy feasibility studies, BIM projects and numerous participations in International Design Competitions with awards. His professional experience started at the Science Research Center “Elektrotehnika”, where he studied Photovoltaic Systems involved in feasibility studies and assembly. He has worked in prefabricated building sector in particular for Task Force Innovations International (2008) and Paysa Instant Structures (2012).

Before co-establishing IBBM Design in 2015, he has been sustainability consultant for Venesco Building Energy Management, where he dealt with various green building projects and certification. Since 2009 till 2015, he was professionally active in Turkish building sector. His main focus was on energy efficient buildings and lighting design, building energy simulations, Low- energy building design with all aspect of sustainability. After moving to Germany, his research and professional focus increased on High-Performance Buildings and Building Energy Retrofits.

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